Peace Children’s Home


Peace Children’s Home is in Kenya, based at Otonglo, about five miles west of Kisumu Airport, on the road to Uganda. The home is owned and managed by Pastor Zacheus and Agnes Otiendo on about one acre of their ancestral land. They have three children of their own and twenty three orphaned children.

During the day Pastor Zacheus & Agnes work to help provide funds for their own family and the orphans they have taken in.  The maid, that Healing Streams pays the salary of, helps to look after the house during the day and the children when they come home from nursery or school.

Chickens are raised from day old to several weeks of age for meat and to sell.  The staple food for many Kenyans' is maize and beans the main crops that are grown.

Healing Streams Has :-

i.   Bought them a cow for milking

ii.  Paid for the digging of an 80ft. well

iii. Helped to set up a small chicken farm

iv.  Paid for the brick rebuilding of mud hut dormitories damaged by the weather

v.   Pay the monthly salary of a maid

vi.  Pay school fees for the children

vii. Our most recent project in 2019 was to buy 2 sow pigs and pay for a small piggery to be built. So far (Jan 2020) one sow has produced eight piglets.

The "Pig Vision" is to empower another household by giving away one sow from each litter and selling the rest. We hope to eventually make a small profit which can be sown back into further Kenya projects.

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