Welcome to Healing Streams Ministries

A ministry wing of ‘Glory Tribe’ (UK Charity 1098030)   

Apart from the UK, Healing Streams mainly works in Kenya and is a Kenyan CBO (Community Based Organisation) based around Kenya’s third largest town, Kisumu, which is situated in the west of the country on the edge of Lake Victoria.

We help street boys and girls, the local children’s hospital, community development, orphans, schools, outreach events, and hold conferences for Pastors.

The directors of Healing Streams, Pastors Rod and Michelle Smith, visit Kisumu at often as possible. Our contacts, relationships made and requests for help are ever growing. We are sometimes helped by volunteers, who join us for some or all of the time.

We care for people in body, soul (mind, emotions and will) and spirit so our activities reflect these three areas of human existence.  Healing Streams seeks to bring wholeness to people’s lives through the Good News of Jesus Christ and promote healing.

Helping people to help themselves and then help others.

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